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In this day and age it gets harder and harder to impress people, to give them something they’ve never experienced before. We’re in a world of ‘been there, done that’ types.

Martin James Photography go to great lengths to wow their clients these days, we believe our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart from everyone else.

We have five ways in which we exceed your expectations:

1. Be Momentous: We’re all about creating and planning big moments with our clients, from breathtakingly intimate glimpses to bold and beautiful snapshots. There is a time and a place for any eventuality and we work closely with our clients to make their wishes a reality.

2. Be Prepared: To be the best we can be for our clients, we are always prepared. And that means more than just having all the right equipment with us. We delve into how our clients tick, as well as the action plan for their big event. By answering a few quick questions, we can get a real sense of who our clients are, which means our photography emulates their mission statement.

3. Be Bold: When capturing one of those momentous occasions, being timid won’t get ‘the’ photo. It takes a bold photographer to truly capture a moment – that, and timing. We’re bold when we need to be, making sure that we’re not obtrusive on a couple’s big day.

4. Be Candid: We’d be mortified if we killed the mood of a photo; you won’t find us telling everyone to, ‘Say cheese!” Unless we want to capture a group of people rolling their eyes! We’re all about candid shots where our subjects are natural and relaxed. Our aim is for people to not even know we are there.

5. Be Honest: I’ve been where you are, trying to keep within a budget – and it’s so easy to get carried away. So this is where our honesty comes in, yes there are cheaper photographers than us, and more expensive for that matter too. However, choosing the right photographer is an investment. The images are what you take away from your event and use for future marketing, advertising and brand awareness;. Our advice to you is: Don’t scrimp or try to bag too much of a bargain, sometimes it might be a bit too good to be true. And the last thing we’d want is for you to be disappointed.

We believe, a great photographer is one that is invested in your day. Ultimately, for us, a photographer’s skill is measured in how well they capture the essence of your event.

Remember this “pay peanuts, get monkeys”.



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June 24, 2015

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