“House of DuPuget”


Long ago, when decadence and luxury were an everyday given, there was a house called the “House of Dupuget”

There lived the Baron, the Baroness and their children plus friends that stayed for quite a while.

The eldest was Elena, mischievous and always getting up to no good,then Anya, creative and sensitive, next was George, adventurous and always trying new ideas.Lastly was little Oleg and his twin friends that stayed with him, Tomas & Anthony.

No one knows where the little twins came from but the household staff say they just walked up to the house one day from the forest and never left.

The household staff consisted of a Head Butler, two under Butlers, Head House Keeper and two maids plus the Cook and her three helpers. There was also the Groundsman and his two helpers and also the dogs Beauty & Spot, two slender dogs that no one knew what kind they were, the children adored them and likewise.

The House of DuPuget was in a faraway land overlooking a large village one side and a port the other, working there was considered to be the best job in the land as the Baron paid well and they were always entertaining nobles and dignified peoples from far and wide.

It was said that after a lavish feast entertaining a foreign Prince and his family, all the household staff were given a gold coin from the Prince, rumoured to be worth a years wages. No one left their jobs as such delights were bestowed upon them many times from visiting guests and the staff knew there was no better employer in the land. Many of the staffs family and friends looked forward to birthdays as they knew they would be spoilt.