Staff Training and Solutions

As with any restaurant or hospitality venue , the staff are , at the end of the day going to make or break you.

No matter how great your food is or how stunning your venue is if the service is bad? THAT is what the customer will remember AND tell their friends…

Unfortunately these days we also have Trip Advisor, though it is great for finding out where is good and where is not , sometimes it is very unfair that anyone, whatever their gripe can make your worse nightmares come true with a bad review, even if it was only something minor, people tend to make it Major!

Let Yonevents help to eliminate these problems with our staff training and solutions…..

Sometimes managers lose their way and need a jolt to put them back on the path to leading and directing THEIR team

We believe that a well led team are a happy team which leads to “Happy Customers”…. exactly what you want!

Our Trainer has over 25 years of experience all waiting to pass on to your staff.

On the job coaching and leadership, passing on service skills as well as knowledge acrued over time.

Diplomatic yet firm, our trainer will work with you and your staff for a minimum of 1 week to 4 weeks.

This should be enough time to iron out any problems and issues to putting your establishment back on track.


So what are you waiting for?

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