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Dawn’s doing it for men!

Made-up by Dawn”

Cosmetics and make -up tips for men

That’s right guys, man makeup!

You may ask what’s the difference between makeup for men and makeup for women?

Well quite frankly….not a lot!

There are no rules that say you can’t wear say for instance, a concealer or a tinted moisturiser or bronzer that a female wears. If the colour, texture and finish match and suit your skin tone, or the look that you are wanting to achieve, then it is doing its job!


You will find however that cosmetics/make up specifically advertised for men, apart from being in more masculine packaging, it is generally matt and without hi light or light reflective ingredients that you might otherwise find in say a concealer, tinted moisturiser or bronzing powder advertised for ladies.

Jean Paul Gualtier was the pioneer for launching make up specifically designed for men.

Now relaunched as it’s new name called “Monsieur”, described as ‘aesthetic enhancement” products, the range consists of cleanser, toner, shaving products, concealers, eyeliner, brow grooming gel and bronzer.

So move over girls, the guys are moving into the bathroom!

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